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Смотреть видео Clubpenguin Super Hero Marvel Party 2013 онлайн смотреть лего марвел

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Мультфильмы и ролики о знаменитом на весь мир конструкторе Лего. Hey guys!Club Penguin has released the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013! Unlike last year, you can only choose to be a hero or a a villain. Last year, you could choose to be a policeman or reporter/criminal. There are several items that you can collect. Let's check out the party!Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 CheatsWhen you log in to Club Penguin, you will be prompted to choose your side. Click 'TRIUMPH!' to become a hero or click 'CONQUER!' to become a villain. I chose to become a villain, hehe.In the Robot Factory game, you can build your own robots which you will see walking around the rooms. You need to build 8 of each robot to receive a free item. New robots available for building will be released over the course of the next few days.In this game, you have to drag the positions into their slots with your mouse. Here is what the robot you need to make looks like:After putting your robot together, you can choose it's colour. You can choose from purple, light green, red and dark green. Click on the crystal that has the colour you want. For example if you want your robot to be purple, click on the purple crystal.The town is the main room. Check it out:By walking through the middle doors in the Plaza, you can access the Police Station which has some awesome music playing.There is a free item in this room! It's the Mug Shot background that's returned from last year's Marvel party. In order to obtain this background, click on the camera.There is an entrance to the Villain HQ in this room. Go down the ladders to enter it.To access the party catalog, click on the yellow book in the bottom right corner of your screen. There are several pages of super hero & villain costumes. Unfortunately, there are no secrets in this catalog.Another secret entrance to the Villain HQ is at the Cove.I'm not quite sure what this room is (it's accessible via the beach).You can access the Hospital by going into the Lighthouse. There is a new game at the beach! It doesn't really have a name yet. In this game, you control your penguin with your mouse and collect as many crystals as possible. To access this game, click on the kind of launch pa at the edge of the Beach.This is the start screen of the game. To play the game, click on the button in the middle.Game play:Oh dear! I'm falling out of the sky! I couldn't get to the crystals in time. I only collected 4,930 power crystals before I fell out of the sky. Well, it WAS my first try.If you want a free item, keep playing until you've collected 50,000 power crystals. You can then redeem it by clicking on the blue rectangle in the corner where you will also be able to equip different gloves and access the game by clicking the 'Power Up' button.To use your gloves, throw a snowball.There is a free item at the Pizza Parlour -- the money bag. This has returned from last year's Marvel Superhero Takeover party like the Mug Shot background.This party is MUCH better than last year's takeover. It's better than I expected it to be. How about you? Express your opinions and thoughts in a comment! Попробуйте собрать сложный механизм или посмотрите приятный мультик. Также можете насладиться компьютерной игрой.

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